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Slipstream Cargo Trailer

The Time Out Slipstream Cargo Trailer is a unique Trailer providing 182cm x 107cm sleeping area with the shelter of a removable canvas tent. This Camper becomes strictly a Cargo Trailer when the tent is detached and the bed platform removed.


  • Available in custom colours (extra cost).
  • Can Double as a Camper Trailer
  • 50 ml coupler
  • 12" White Wheels
  • 7 pin flat plug bike Harness
  • Australian compliance plate.


The Slipstream Camper Trailer opens in just 30 seconds, Just lift the lid, snap the snaps, and you are ready to sleep! And with the Camper doubling as a Cargo Trailer, this Trailer is incredibly versatile.


  • Luggage Rack
  • Cooler Package
  • Swivel Couplers
  • Spare tyre Carrier
  • Cushion and Bag set
Slipstream Camper Cargo

Slipstream Camper Rear