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Time-Out Easy Camper Trailer

The Time-Out Easy Camper Trailer is a high quality Camper Trailer for towing behind any motorcycle above 1000cc or any small car. Quick to setup and light weight, it offers a powder coated steel frame with independant torsion bar suspension that guarantees a safe smooth and enjoyable ride!


  • Available in black or white anodised aluminium finish. 
  • No stripes available on this model.
  • Double Coleman Air mattress
  • 7 pin flat plug bike harness
  • 8 inch white wheels
  • LED tail-lights
  • 50 ml coupler with key locking facility
  • Australian compliance plate.


The Time-Out Easy Camper Trailer opens in just a couple of minutes. And with the Camper being completely off of the ground it keeps you safe from the elements.

There are also a large range of optional extras you can add to customize your Camper to suit your personal needs.


  • Cooler package
  • Cooler package with lights
  • Cooler cover
  • Screen room
  • Awning
  • L-Shaped awning
  • Trailer top Luggage bag
  • Extra chairs
  • LED fibreglass light bar
  • 8 inch chrome wheels
  • Camper cover
  • Electric brakes
  • 50 ml Coupler with key locking
  • Swivel
  • Spare tyre and Carrier
  • Table Tripod
  • Cushion and Bag set
  • Baby Moon and Maxam Hubcaps
  • Bearing Buddies
  • Harley Davidson bike wiring kit
  • Honda 1800 bike wiring kit
Unfolded with optional Annex